Use a diaper box to learn shapes!

Shapes Hammer Fun
Here’s some more fun with the plastic toy hammer. Take your empty diaper box, or any other big box and tape up the opened side. Then take a utility knife and cut out some shapes on one side. Keep the cutouts. Cut an opening on one end of the box so that you can reach inside and get the cutouts out. When you are done, put the cutouts back into place (they’ll stick in because of the cardboard). Then let your little toddler use his hammer to knock them through. Repeat as many times as desired!

Supplies Needed:
– empty diaper box, or other big box
– utility knife
– plastic toy hammer, or other utensil to hit the shapes out

With different shapes, ask your toddler to hit the square, or say “Great job, Quinn! You just hit the square!”
– If you put several shapes on one side, count them as your toddler hits them out!
– Let your toddler help with putting the cutout pieces back into place before hitting them out. If
the box you use has some pictures it will be kind of like a puzzle!

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