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Toddler Skeeball!

Here’s a great family time toddler activity. You’ll need a big box and some empty cottage cheese containers (photo uses 24oz containers.) First place the 3 containers on the top of a box and draw a circle around the base. Then use a utility knife and cut the holes that you just marked, but cut them just a little bigger so that you can push the containers in about halfway. Then print out the numbers/letters, cut them out and tape to the inside of the containers and put them in the holes you cut in the box. Then lean the box up against a wall at a slight angle so that if a ball is in a cup it will stay in and not roll out. Now is the fun part for your toddler. Let him/her place or throw some small balls or plastic eggs into the cups. You can have a fun family game by keeping score and seeing who can get the most points after 10 throws. Make Dad sit far back! And each time someone gets a ball in a cup, celebrate and say “Oh, yeah I got it in the #2 cup!”. It’s a fun way to teach your toddler numbers!

Supplies Needed-
– big box ( diaper boxes work great)
– 3  (24oz) cottage cheese containers or any other similar containers you have
– utility knife
– small balls/plastic eggs
– printer to print the numbers/letters

– Please, please, please make sure your toddler stays away while you cut out the circles in the box!
– Let your toddler help to put the containers in the holes AFTER they are made.
– Maybe your toddler just wants to retrieve the balls for you to throw, just go with it. BONUS for you!

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