Toddler Game: Go Fish with Sticky Note Fish

Go Fish! Sticky Fish!

Toddler Activities & Games: Sticky Fish

This is a great activity for those toddlers that like to get their hands into everything. Take about 10 sticky notes and draw a fish on 6 of them with a crayon. Then lay each individual sticky note down on the floor or on a table with the sticky side up.  You’ll want to show your toddler how to play this game first before she does it: Tell your toddler that you are going fishing and then place your hand on top of one of the sticky notes. It will stick to your palm. Then lift your hand up and turn your hand over to show your toddler the note and the picture of the fish on it. Then say “Wow! I just caught a fish!” Do it again and when you get a blank note, say “No fish there!” Now it’s your toddler’s turn. You can do this again and again until the stickiness of the notes runs out. ( Or when your toddler crumbles up the paper enough!).

Supplies Needed-
– 10 sticky notes
– crayon

– If your toddler seems more interested in the sticky notes than playing the game that’s okay! Just talk about the feeling of the sticky part, how the paper crumbles, and what colors she sees. Or just let her watch you play the game and count the fish. The next time you play this game she’ll remember how much fun you were having and will want to take part.
– For the older toddlers you can let them help to draw a fish on the notes
– As your toddler catches the fish, count them too!

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