Toddler Money

Toddler Money –

Let your toddler act like an adult and learn to handle money! Print out the sheet to the right and let your toddler color it with markers or crayons. Then cut the bills out and have your toddler keep them in her backpack. Let her pretend to pay you for certain items. Also put some of the bills in your wallet for the next trip to the grocery store. Then the next time you go shopping and are in the checkout line, let your toddler hold her toddler money and hand over some play money when it’s time for you to pay. She’ll feel like a big girl helping to buy the groceries and the clerk will get a kick out of it also! Smiles for everyone!

Supplies Needed-
– Printer to print money sheet
– Crayons, markers, stamps
– (Optional: colored printer paper, to make colored play money)

– Your toddler might rip up the play money or crinkle it up. Here’s a good opportunity to show him /her that you have to be careful with money and not tear it up.

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