Craft Activity – Make a Toddler Letter box

Have fun with your child and make your own letter box to hang in the hallway or by the front door.

Send a hug mail box

All you need to start is a simple cereal box.


Take it apart and cut in half as shown. Be sure the left cut matches up with the right cut, since you are going to be putting it back together.

Now take one half and paint each side with white paint first to get a base.

Then paint with different colors as you like!

When you are done with your artwork, let it dry and then put it back together. (I put it back together, with the labels on the inside, in case the paint didn’t cover them all up.)

Tape it back together, and then punch two holes at the top of the back side and use some ribbon or tule to hang. 


You can decorate with stickers or use a paint pen to write a name or special saying like… “Send a Hug Today” to remind you to send one of these Toddler Hugs in the Mail!

Send a hug mail box


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  1. Donna wright says:

    My 2 1/2 old just loves receiving mail. So when sat down to make this-he was thrilled. I love sitting Down everynight and writing him a note to read when he wakes up. At weekends he even gets a little treat inside. Purest pleasure seeing his eyes light up in anticipation!!