Send a Hug in the Mail

Mail a Big Hug!

Who wouldn’t love to open up an envelope and get a big hug?!


Have your child lie on the floor with arms out to the side. Then get some toilet paper and measure from hand to hand, then tear off. Next trace your toddler’s hands on some colored construction paper and cut them out and tape to the ends .

Fold it up and send in an envelope to a special someone far away with a message for them to wrap the hands around them for a special hug!!

You never know…you just might get a hug in the mail too!

(Some fans have mentioned that they did this with ribbon and laminated the handprints.)

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  1. Samantha says:

    I absolutely love this. Will be doing this to send to grandma and grandpa this week. :) thanks for the great idea!

  2. Joanna F says:

    This is an awesome idea! Thank you for sharing.=) Will be doing this project soon as my husband’s in the military and deployed. I found your website thru Lil Blue Boo.=P

  3. now that too cute i cant wait to do this with my fifteen month old

  4. Just found our mother’s day card idea – thanks!!

  5. What an amazing idea!! I’m gonna make some happy grandparents this weekend. Thanks.

  6. Stephanie says:

    I love this idea…I’ve been thinking about something special to do with my 2 year old for the anniversary of my father-in-law’s passing. Definately doing this and then maybe put in a plastic evelope or something to put on his grave. Maybe it’s something we do every year with him.

  7. as an addition to the above ….

    a few years ago when I was very ill with cancer …… an elderly cousin travelled about 4 hours to bring me a lovely scarf she had knitted.

    She handed it to me, wrapped it around my neck and said:

    “every time you need a hug, wrap this around your neck and be rest assured I am there with you giving you a hug”

    It was the lovliest gift I have ever rec’d.

  8. Jessica says:

    Thanks for this, I read it, and then did it :) we made it extra fun for my little ones and did hand prints with finger paint that I will be cutting out when they’re dry. Grandpa and nana will be very happy in a couple days!

  9. This idea is awesome…..loved doing this with my daughter.She was full of excitement n feelings that we are sending her hug to her cousins far away…..Thanks for sharing

  10. We tried this as our craft to go along with our lesson two weeks ago and my toddler and my two toddlers I watch absolutely loved it!
    Our lesson of the week was all about the mail, mailman and greeting cards. We started off the week learning about the mailman and his job, we even went outside to meet him. Then we learned what greeting cards are and why they are special to the sender and the recipient. After that we made our “Hug” which I helped with and substituted the toilet paper (because it’s worth its weight in gold at my house) with leftover streamers in various colors. We put our “Hugs” in a card we made that week during craft time along with a quick note from them written by me explaining what it was and why we were sending it. Then all 3 kids got to put the stamp on their envelope and we walked them out to the mailbox. It was so much fun! What was even better was hearing from the recipients, who all loved them! Great activity/craft that you can keep forever!

  11. I think this would be a cute Idea to use with a childs shirt with a stain that cant be removed or is now too small. And cut it up … think it will last longer.

  12. This is adorable! Grandma is going to love it! And the extensions that can come: measuring, ordering, sorting – LOVE