Mother’s Day Paper Towel Tulips

(Mother’s Day) Paper towel flower tulips…
You’ll have fun with your toddlers making these easy colorful tulips. The perfect craft just in time for Mother’s Day! First, take a few sheets of paper towel and cut out some tulip shapes. Then get some washable markers or a little washable kids’ paint. Then take a plastic cottage cheese lid (or small plate) and put a few drops a water on it. Next let your toddler draw with the markers on the lid, moving the water drops around. Then give her a paper towel cutout of a tulip to clean up the colored water on the lid. The paper towel will absorb the water and the marker colors to create a fun colored tulip. (see photo below right) Let it dry and then glue to a card for that special mother in your life!

Supplies Needed-
– paper towels
– small plate or cottage cheese container lid
– washable markers, or washable kid’s paint

– Let your toddler have fun with using the paper towel tulip to absorb all the water and marker colors. She can squeeze the water out and do it again!

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  1. My 2.5 yr old loves this activity. I give her a small cup of water and a syringe (the kind that comes with infant tylenol), and she laboriously fills the syringe and sprays her own water on the cottage cheese lid. She loves all the steps, and I love the small-motor control she’s gaining! We did discover a fun switch the other day. She decided to write on the paper-towel tulips first, then syringe drops directly on the tulip, and we got to watch the ink spread. What fun! Thanks for sharing your ideas.