Toddler Activities & YOU!

There are so many awesome toddler activities and games out there, and no matter what you find, the most important thing is that you enjoy your time with your toddlers. Life is to be enjoyed, and you are the teacher.

Here are a few tips that helped me to have fun with my child and teach him to enjoy learning and discovering new things:

Toddler, Activities, and You: How to make it fun for both of you.

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Go with it!
The toddler activities on this website are a starting point for interaction with your toddler. If your toddler wants to turn the activity into a box-stomping event, then go with it! After all, this is a time for your child to explore his/her surroundings and enjoy some time with you. Just keep one box aside and start the activity by yourself. Your child might see what you are doing and his curisoity may turn him toward what it is that you are doing.

Lead by example
If you show excitement for the toddler activities, then most likely your child will do the same. So find toddler activities that look interesting to you.  The more excited you are the more interested they’ll be in what you are doing! Maybe play some fun music in the background and sing or dance while you get things set up, or even during the activity.

Try it again later.
Maybe your little one just really doesn’t seem interested in an activity. Don’t worry, just try it again at some point in the future. As each toddler develops in different ways and different times, an activity might be more suitable for a later time. You can always look through the list of  Toddler Activities to see if there are other games that might be better for your toddler.

Have fun and allow creativity.
Try to have as much fun with any toddler activities and allow your toddler to explore every possible angle. If there is an end product for the activity, it doesn’t have to turn out exactly as described on the site. Allow your toddler to be creative!

Talk, talk, talk!
You will help your child to talk and read by talking to him/her about what you are doing. Let your little ones hear your calm voice as much as possible. They will imitate you.  So…also be sure to get in some giggles. There is nothing else in the world that compares with a small child giggling. That’s what life is about.

There is no comparison!
Repeat after me… “My child is Awesome and Wonderful!” No need to compare your child to someone else’s child.  No need to compare yourself to someone else. We all have beautiful differences.

Be Silly and Goofy! (It’s ok, no one is watching… even if they are, they are probably  jealous that you are having so much FUN!)
If you never got to be silly as a child, here is your chance to do it all over again. Play with the toys that you always wanted to play with, be a kid again. It’s OK, and your toddler will probably love the silliness! Giggle, some more.

Throw in a surprise Hug or kiss! Sometimes it will give you and your child an extra boost to keep working on the activity or just to move on to some cuddle time! Not a bad thing. :)

Capture the moment!
Some of the most precious times are when you see your child learning something new, discovering something new and seeing that twinkle in his eye when he’s so proud of his accomplishment. Take a photo, or video and watch it later with your child.


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  2. Margaret McManus says:

    I am going to try an idea I have had to entertain my two grandchildren. Oonagh is 3 and Magnus is 1. I am going to wrap lining paper around the playpen, then half fill it with shedded paper. Put cardboard cut outs of fish/butterfly/duck etc etc. Put the children in and we will play Find Me Find Me. I will ask Oonagh to find say the fish, if she gets it wrong the object will be put back and she will continue looking. I know she will love this and Magnus will just love being in there with her among the shredded paper. I know when all are found Oonagh will say as all children do Again Again. This could go on for hours, it could then lead to all sorts of other silly games. If the room gets covered with shredded paper it doesn’t matter because it is so easy to clear up. I will post the outcome after the event. Wish Me Luck.

  3. This is a great list of reminders. Toddlers can be trying, I like how you focus on patience and enjoying the moments with them.

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