Peekaboo Moo!

Yes, it might be a little crazy, but you might just see that you like to play with this too!

Watch the video to see it in action.

Supplies you need:

  • an empty, washed out Pringles can,
  • a small water bottle,
  • printer and
  • some tape/glue.

How to make it:

1) Print out the Toddler Peekaboo MOO Printout with farm created on the Pringles can creator site. If you want you can make your own design at the Pringles site ((

2) You can let your toddler color the farm scene, while you cut out the cow head and glue on the bottom of a small, empty water bottle.


3) Then tape the farm sheet to the emtpy, cleaned out Pringles can. You might need to trim off a little from the top and bottom to get it to fit.

Now the fun part! Drop the water bottle with the cow on it upside down in the can. Put on the see through lid and then let your toddler tilt the can so that the cow slides down to the lid! MOO!


You can create a bunch with different animals to get your toddler familiar with the different sounds they make. Put them all on the floor and ask your toddler to pick one up and see what animal peeks out!

Or you can do this to review letters, colors or numbers. Just replace the cow picture with the letter or number you are trying to teach!

If you have a class, let each child create one and then pass them around to see what everyone has as a surprise!

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