Toddler Activities Wheel of Fun!

toddler activities wheel

Toddler Activities Wheel
Sometimes it is hard to decide what to do! So let your toddler help you decide! Make this fun toddler activities wheel using the printout and a crayon. Print out the wheel sheet, cover with contact paper, glue to some cardboard and make a hole in the middle. Then take a crayon and tie some thread or dental floss around the middle of the crayon leaving the ends long enough to thread through the sheet to tie a knot on the other back side. Then let your toddler spin the crayon to choose what activity you’ll do today! It’s that easy!

– Print out the toddler activities wheel sheet. You can make your own activities on this Toddler Activities Wheel blank.

– You can let your toddler help to color in the wedges of the wheel to make it colorful!

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