Pincer Pizza

It’s Pincer Grip Pizza time!

Letting your toddler work on his pincer grip (touching thumb and first finger tips together) helps to develop fine motor skills and eventually helps with holding a pen for writing. So let your tots have some fun practicing and looking for the pizza.

All you need for this activity is some colored construction paper, glue and photos/images of pizza. Cut some strips of paper of different colors and fold them in half so that they form a sort of tent, standing up on ends.


Then to pick up each paper, you need to pinch the top with your thumb and first finger…the pincer grip.  Then write a letter inside the pieces of paper, or glue in photos/images. Mix them up and let your toddler pick up each piece of paper to see what is on the underside. When you find the pizza, celebrate! :)




You can use this game to review letters, or number or play an easy game of concentration if you like.

Or you can glue in photos of animals, and when your toddler picks up the paper that has a cow, talk about the cow and what kind of noise it makes! Have fun!


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