Alphabet Learning with Cars!

Have fun with this learning activity and let your toddler find all of the Alphabet Cars driving around town! Print out the sheet of alphabet letter and then cut them all out. Then print out the sheet of cars and cut them on the lines. Next use some tape and tape the letters to the back of the cars. Then ask your toddler for some help in finding all the cars around town! Let him find the car, look at it and talk about the colors.  Then flip it over to see what letter is on back. Say ” Hey you found the yellow race car with the letter B on back.” As you find each one, he can stick them to a wall or poster board. Then you can put them all in order at the end and sing the alphabet song together.

 Supplies Needed-
– printer to print out the sheet alphabet letters (UPPER CASE) and/or print out the sheet of alphabet letters (lower case) 
Print out the sheet of cars
– tape

– You can also tape the cars/letters on objects in the room and review those items with your toddler when he finds the car. (Ex. under the couch, on the chair, rug)

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