Let your toddler’s stuffed animals ju…

Stuffed Animal Jump Rope

Tie a soft rope or bathrobe belt to the back of a heavy chair ( so it won’t fall over). Then swing the rope as if doing jump rope. Let your toddler take a stuffed animal and toss it into the moving rope to see if it can jump the rope. You’ll see that sometimes the stuffed animal will bounce out or just fall. Your toddler will giggle with delight seeing all this. If you want to try…let your toddler hold the other end as you slowly rock the rope back and forth. Then try to go around once. If you can get that down, use your other hand to toss the stuffed animal in while you and your toddler are swinging the rope!


Supplies Needed-
– soft rope, or bathrobe belt
– chair
– stuffed animals

– Count 1, 2, 3 before you toss the stuffed animal in the rope. Go fast and slow.
– Tie some streamers on at the middle of the rope and watch how they move around while your swing the rope!
– Your toddler might just have so much fun watching the rope go around and around while she holds it…go with it!

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