Toddler Mosaic craft activity

Felt MosaicToddler Mosaic!
Let your toddlers create a masterpiece with some felt! Cut up some pieces of felt into triangular pieces of all different sizes (about 1-3 inches in length). Then take an artist canvas (photo shows a 16″x20″ stretched canvas) or piece of poster board and let her glue them on! It is a great activity that you can keep around for a few days, while adding a few triangles each day. At the end your toddler will have created a great piece of art that you can hang in the house or give to that special relative or friend for a special occasion!


Supplies Needed-
– different colored felt
– artist canvas or poster board
– scissors
– glue

– Talk about all the different colors while your toddler is gluing them on.
– You the parent can cut out a few different shapes to spice it up a bit ( the photos shows a few cut out felt flowers added)
– If you use poster board you can always cut out a big shape in the board and then let your toddler fill in the white space with the felt pieces. You can even make letters!

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