Easy Paper Plate Toy!

Paper Plate Pull Toy

You’ll have fun making this toy and then playing with it too! Take two paper plates and decorate the bottoms. Use markers, crayons, or stamps! Then put the two plates together to form a sort of pocket in between them. Next tape around the plates sealing them together and just before you tape the last part, put some beans inside to make some noise! Tape it up and then tape some ribbon at the edge to pull it around. Hang it in the air and let your toddler hit it with a wooden spoon, or drag it on the floor and see if your toddler can step on it. (Be careful not to pull it if she does step on it, or she’ll fall!)


Supplies Needed-
– paper plates
– markers, crayons
– tape
– beans
– ribbon

– Be creative and let your toddler explore this toy! She can pull it, touch it, step on it and many there things! Have fun!

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