Rattling Recycling

Rattling Recycling! –
Rattling noise is what toddlers want to hear! Here’s an activity that your child will enjoy with some simple empty water bottles. Take a few empty water bottles (or soda bottles) and take the labels off. Then put in a few coins or crayons in each bottle. Screw the top back on the bottle tight so that your toddler has no way of opening it. Then find some ribbon or yarn to tie to the top of the bottle. Now let your toddler pull them around, or shake them while dancing, or roll them on the floor, or whatever. They’ll love the sound these rattling bottles make.


Supplies Needed:
– Empty plastic water/soda bottles with caps
– Coins / crayons
– ribbon/yarn

– Always be sure to watch your child with any long type of string so that strangulation does not occur.
– You can put in a few colored craft pom-pom balls also to make them colorful to watch

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