Travel Wipes Container fun sticker…

Decorative Travel Wipes Container- Take your travel wipes container and some of those great foam stickers. You can find all different shapes, objects letters in all different colors and sizes. Have fun with your little one and let him/her decorate the cover of the wipes container with the fun stickers. (This is the perfect answer to those difficult times when changing your toddler’s diaper. Does he/she squirm, wiggle, roll over and try to get away every time you try to change his/her diaper? This activity will let you create something to use to distract your little one and keep him/her occupied while you change your toddler’s diaper.)


Supplies Needed-
– Travel wipes container
– Foam stickers of shapes, letters, trucks, animals, etc.
(Most craft stores have these.)

– You can do this activity again and again to keep the container exciting since the stickers can be taken off and put on very easily.
– While you are changing the diaper and your child is looking at the stickers on the container you can ask what he/she sees and review words, letters, objects, or colors!
– Maybe even have your toddler move some of the stickers while you are changing him/her.

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