Disposable Travel Placemats

Disposable Travel Placemats-
Take some plastic wrap that you need to press to seal. (It’s not the ordinary plastic wrap, but the special wrap that has one sticky side.) Pull off a sheet the size of a placemat and lay it on a table, sticky side down. Find some stickers that your child likes and let him/her put them all over the non-sticky side of the plastic wrap. Then roll/fold it up and put it in your diaper bag. The next time you eat at a restaurant, press the plastic wrap on the table so that your child has a fun clean place to eat!

Supplies Needed-
Plastic wrap that you press to seal. (it has one sticky side to it)
– Some stickers

– Sometimes the plastic wrap will not totally stick to all surfaces. You might need to use the edge of the table or use a weight like a napkin dispenser.
– You also might need to use your fingernail to run it along the edges in order to get the plastic wrap to stick to the surface.



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