Toddler Activities & Games: Paper Airplane Landings!

Toddler Activities, Crafts, Games: Paper Airplane Landings

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Fun Mobile App: Elmo Calls! Soooo cute!

Toddler Activities: Preschooler Mobile App review - Elmo Calls

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Toddler Craft Activity: Easy Leprechaun Hat for St Patrick’s Day!

Toddler activities, crafts: Easy Little Leprechaun Hat for St Patricks Day!

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Toddler Craft Fun: Rainbow Catalog Placemats!

Toddler Craft Fun: - Make some fun rainbow placemats from catalogs!

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Ducks taking a bath! (Video)

Toddler activities, games, crafts, videos of animals: DUCKS!

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Timeout! – “My son or daughter is biting other kids.”

Toddler Toddler: Timeout- share what you do about children biting other kids.

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I Scream for Ice Cream!

Toddler Activities, Crafts, Games Scream for Ice Cream Printouts

   I Scream for Ice Cream! Just print out … [Read more...]