Footprints activity

Follow the footprints!
First you’ll need print out the footprints. (You might need a few copies.) Then cut them out and put them in a trail around the room/house/outside. Tell your toddler that some little guy has been walking around the place and you need to find her/him. Have your toddler follow the footprints to find a surprise. You can decide what the surprise is…maybe a treat, or toy or doll!

Supplies Needed-
– Printer and paper
– Tape, if you need to tape the footprints to something like a couch or wall.

– You can have the footprints on the floor, wall, ceiling, etc.
– For older toddlers this is a great opportunity to review “left” and “right”!
– Have your toddler try to walk in the footprints using the correct foot.

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