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Mega Block Ice Cube Fun
For this activity you’ll need either an empty 1/2 gallon milk carton, or chicken broth carton, or juice box carton. Take the carton and let it soak with soap and hot water to get it all clean. Then cut the top off so that it is a couple inches tall. Now fill up the container with water and then drop in a couple of Mega Blocks or other plastic toys (not small tiny ones that might end up in the mouth) that you think will work. Then put it in the freezer. Take it out when frozen and cut away the carton. You’ll have a block of ice with the mega blocks frozen inside. When your toddler is going to take his next bath, let him play with the big ice cube as it melts in the hot water. Depending on how how you make your bath water the ice cube might last longer/shorter.

– empty carton
– scissors
– water
– plastic toys (that won’t fit in the mouth)

– You can try plastic toddler spoons, or some little people.
– Talk about how it feels so cold and what the different colors are of the toys inside.

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