101 Things Moms do for YOU Toddlers! :)

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I’d like to remind all you toddlers how lucky you are to have such wonderful moms that take care of you each day ( yes Dad’s I know that you do these things too, but today was a day to celebrate motherhood.)

The list below of  “101 things Moms do for their Toddlers”  is just a start…if you have any to add, just post in a comment below, I’m sure I missed a few ( or a lot!!) :)

Hey Toddlers, here are “101 Things Mom does for YOU, her sweet little one!” :

  1. Buckles you in your car seat
  2. Drives around in the car for an extra fifteen minutes when you just fall asleep in your car seat
  3. Puts your blankets on after you have kicked them off
  4. Checks on you before going to bed
  5. Rubs your belly
  6. Holds your Popsicle stick when you are done
  7. Eats the rest of your half-eaten lunch
  8. Rolls your pants up
  9. Rolls your sleeves up
  10. Wipes your hands before and after eating
  11. Entertains you on a plane trip
  12. Laughs at one of your jokes, even if it doesn’t make sense
  13. Listens to grand ideas about zoo animals running the world
  14. Reminds you not to use “potty talk”
  15. Takes you for a walk outside when you’ve had enough of being in a restaurant
  16. Hears “mommy,…” millions of times a day
  17. Let’s you pick out a not so fashionable outfit
  18. Smiles at your unmatched socks
  19. Helps you button your pants
  20. Ties your shoes
  21. Helps you get dressed
  22. Gets a cold pack for you when you bump your head
  23. Checks your temperature when you aren’t feeling so good
  24. Takes you to the doctor
  25. Takes you to the dentist
  26. Reminds you to wash your hands
  27. Wears colored pasta necklaces in public
  28. Brings snacks along on day trips
  29. Remembers your favorite blankie
  30. Remembers to bring your favorite stuffed animal
  31. Takes you to the library
  32. Let’s you ride in the kid cart at the grocery store
  33. Buys you ice cream
  34. Let’s you smush frosting on your face from your birthday cake
  35. Washes your clothes
  36. Sorts your clothes
  37. Buys you new clothes
  38. Discards clothes you have outgrown
  39. Make sure shoes fit
  40. Makes you breakfast
  41. Makes you lunch
  42. Makes you dinner
  43. Makes you Mickey Mouse pancakes
  44. Makes you smoothies
  45. Take photos of you, for your scrapbook
  46. Wipes off spaghetti sauce on your cheek
  47. Wipe snot away
  48. Helps you blow your nose
  49. Changes your diaper
  50. Potty trains you
  51. Wipes you
  52. Packs the diaper bag full of goodies
  53. Usually has an extra set of clothes on hand, for accidents
  54. Brushes your teeth
  55. Flosses  your teeth
  56. Tucks you in bed
  57. Bathes you
  58. Washes your hair
  59. Clips your fingernails and toenails
  60. Removes splinters
  61. Kisses your boo-boo
  62. Picks up your sippy cup up off the floor (many times)
  63. Picks up your pacifier (many times)
  64. Washes your pacifiers and sippy cups
  65. Finds your pacifier in the sofa cushions
  66. Takes you for a walk in the stroller
  67. Takes you to the playground
  68. Rocks you to sleep
  69. Reads you a book
  70. Play with cars with you
  71. Play with dolls with you
  72. Wipes dirt off of you after you fall
  73. Wipes sand off your face and hands
  74. Puts bandaids on your cuts
  75. Wipes up your spit up
  76. Washes your sheets
  77. Tells you stories
  78. Sing you songs
  79. Give you kisses
  80. Give you hugs
  81. Gets you ready for bed
  82. Tucks you in at night
  83. Holds your hand
  84. Watches for cars when crossing the street
  85. Puts sunscreen on you
  86. Keeps you in the shade
  87. Makes fun snacks for you
  88. Sets up playdates
  89. Teaches you how to talk
  90. Teaches you the alphabet
  91. Teaches you numbers
  92. Teaches you shapes
  93. Teaches you manners
  94. Makes crafts with you
  95. Turns on the nightlight
  96. Turns on the humidifier
  97. Sings your favorite songs over and over and over
  98. Plays Hide and Seek with you
  99. Answers all the “Why…” questions all day.
  100. Shows you how to LOVE. :)
  101. Finds awesome toddler activities to do with you each day! :)

What did I miss…add below in a comment. With your help, I’m sure this list should grow! :)

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  1. Here are a few to add…

    Fix your toys when they break.
    Replace batteries in your toys.
    Hold you when you get scared.

  2. Great list! And the majority of it still pertains to school-age kids :)

  3. kaylee mann says:

    102 Fixes doors back on your toy cars, all day. 103 Sits and cuddled you all day when your poorly. 104 Takes you out to splash in muddy puddles. 105 Shows you bugs and insects, even if I don’t like them. 106 takes you swimming. 107 makes cakes and biscuits with you. (dont realise how much we really do! )

  4. Jennifer says:

    Those are great Kaylee and Laurie. I just thought of some more…
    – picks up your dishes
    – reminds you to say please and thank you
    – holds up your pants when you use a public restroom
    – holds you up to the sink so that you can wash your hands

  5. Cheers you on. She is your number one fun at everything you try

  6. put you phone on air plane mode so you can play with it
    teach you the time so you know when daddy come home
    clean hand print off the window a 100000 times
    change your night light
    keep saying I love you
    listen to the story over and over again
    make a club how out of 2 chair and a blanket
    make a play house out of card board
    plan your birthday
    go out of town just to get that toy you see on tv
    get you a remote so you can act like daddy
    I can go on and on

  7. Melanie Sadler says:

    What about: let’s you “do it yourself” even though it takes three times as long?