Easter Craft: Egg Pull Toy or Garland

 Eggs on a String!! –

Make this fun toy with your toddler and then let her pull it around the house. Or hang it from a tree outside! All you need are some plastic eggs and some thin ribbon or string. Open up an egg and put the ribbon across one side and then close the egg with the ribbon inside. You can even put in a few beans to make some noise. Let your toddler pick the color of the next egg and help to put it on the ribbon. When you are done, you’ll have a string of eggs for your toddler to play with! ( Always be sure to supervise your child with the string so that she doesn’t put it around her neck!)

Supplies Needed-
– colorful plastic eggs
– some thin ribbon or string or yarn

– Make a bunch and hang from the door so that your toddler has to walk through them
– Use one to make a belt
– Hang a string of eggs on the backs of chairs for the special dinner
– Hand a string of eggs on your front door as a decoration, or from the mailbox!

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