Easter Craft: Eggsquisite Napkin Rings

Eggsquisite Napkin Rings!! –

Everyone around the dinner table will be amazed that your toddler made these beautiful napkin rings! This is a craft activity that you can do with your toddler over a few days:

On the first day:
Take a piece of paper (preferably cardstock) and have your toddler help you put glue all over it. Smear it around with your fingers. Then take some tissue paper of all different colors and rip it up into little pieces and put on top of the glue. (You can also use a little bit of metallic wrapping paper if you have any.) Put it aside to dry. Talk about the colors of the paper while sticking them to the glue.

On the second day:
Put some newspaper on the table and let your toddler paint over the tissue paper sheet. Use some washable kids paints with a little water and watch as the paint blends in with the tissue paper and makes some very neat designs and colors. Let your toddler use a paintbrush or just his/her fingers. Cover the whole sheet with all sorts of colors. Put it aside to dry.

On the third day:
Take a toilet paper or paper towel roll and cover it by gluing some tissue paper or shiny wrapping paper to it. Put it aside to dry. Now print out the egg template sheet and use it to cut out some eggs from the painted tissue paper sheet your toddler created.

Now take the paper towel roll that you covered and cut off about 1-inch bands that you’ll use to put around the napkins. Take some tape and put it through the band to affix to the back of an egg cutout. Have your toddler help you push the tape to the back of the colorful eggs! Now you have made some eqqsquisite napkin holders!

Supplies Needed-
– colorful tissue paper
– paper, or cardstock
– glue
– kids paint and paintbrush
– toilet paper or paper towel cardboard rolls
– wrapping paper
– scissors
– printer to print out the template sheet of eggs

– When cutting out the eggs, you can always just cut out one egg from the template sheet and use that to trace outlines on the back of the painted tissue paper sheet before cuttin, if you need to cut many eggs.

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