A Big Box of Green Fun!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Green green green is the color for today. Hey Toddlers, can you identify the green objects you see on this page?

Your GREEN Box-
Find an empty shoe box and glue some green construction paper all over the outside. This will become “Your Green Box”. Now go around your house with your toddler and find some green objects and put them in the box. You might find some green blocks, or green washcloths, or green balls, or green alphabet letters, or green paper, or green crayons, or green felt…oh there are so many green things to find. When dad/mom gets home you’ll be able to show him/her all the green things you found today!

Supplies Needed-

– Shoe box or other box
– Green construction paper
– Tape or glue
– Green toys/objects to put in the box

– Find objects other than food that you can put in the box.
– Surely your toddler will enjoy putting things in the box and then dumping them out again. Let it happen and go with it!
– We’ll have other Toddler activities in the future where you’ll create different color boxes, so try to keep this green box somewhere so that you can use it again!

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