Toddler Game of Air Hockey (sans air)

toddler games air hockey

Toddlers love to bat things around and here’s a fun way to play a fun game with her. Take a piece of poster board and let your toddler color it with crayons and markers. Then fold each side of the paper about 2.5 inches. Then fold them up and tape the corners so that you make a sort of box top. See photo. Then let your toddler use a wooden spoon or small plastic ware cup to knock a ball around inside!



Supplies Needed-
– poster board
– crayons/markers
– ball, or plastic ware lid
– wooden spoon or small plastic ware cup

– For the older toddlers, you can actually draw a sort of hockey board layout instead of letting your toddler color all over the poster board.
– Draw some letter, numbers or shapes on the poster boards, and when the ball stops on one, call it out and talk about it!

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