Easter game: Egg Toss

Egg Toss

This is kind of like that carnival game where you try to get the ping-pong ball in the fish bowl! But instead you’ll be using cottage cheese containers and small plastic eggs! Just save up a few cottage cheese containers and use a little tape to tap the rims next to each other so that they won’t fall down when an egg hits them. (You can use any small container/box/cup for this.) Then have your toddler stand above the cups and drop an egg down, and see which cup it goes into. You can even have her step a few feet away and try to toss the eggs in. Then let your child retrieve all the eggs and do it again, or take turns!

Supplies Needed-
– a bunch of small containers ( cottage cheese containers work great)
– some tape
– some small plastic eggs

– Why not start with the eggs in a small basket and then have your toddler pick each egg out and try to drop it over the cups. You can even put the basket of eggs on one side if the room and the cups on the other side, to get her some exercise.

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