Toddler activities and beach fun!


Summer time beach trips can be so much fun for you and your toddlers! It’s a great way for them to feel so many different things … sand, water, wind.

Yes I know it can be a lot of work with all the gear, beach toys, umbrella, towels, food, chairs, etc. but it can be fun!

Toddlers love to play with the sand and there are a bunch of great toys to keep them occupied. Here are some little activities to get you started…

  • Take a walk to the water line and just step in the water holding your child’s hand. Talk about how the water feels and how the waves come in and out. Talk about the sound of the waves. Then depending on the age if your child you can try to jump on the wave as it comes up the beach. Jump 1,2,3,4,5 times!
  • Sit down in the sand just at the edge of the waves as they roll up to the beach. Let the water touch your toes and feel the sand with your hands. Talk about how the sand feels. Some kids will like to touch the sand and some will not. That’s ok! :) You can then inch forward after each wave until their bottoms are now getting wet. Talk again about how the water feels and if it is cold.
  • Sit in the shade and put some water in a small bucket. Let your tot use a small shovel to scoop the water out and into the sand. Show her/ him how to do it and maybe splash a little so she can feel the water too!
  • Sitting in the shade, take one of the beach toys and put it on the sand and then start scooping up some sand with a small shovel to cover up the toy, but leave a little bit showing for your toddler to still see where it is. Then have your toddler help to uncover it. This is one that some kids will love to do again and again!

So that’s just a few to start with! What do you and your kids like to do when you are at the beach? Share your ideas!
( btw… Be sure to keep your sweet kids safe from the sun and always supervise near water. )

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