Handprint Trees

Looking for a fun and easy craft to do with a bunch of toddlers or preschoolers? Make some fun green trees with paper and crayons!

Take a blank piece of white paper and either draw a brown tree trunk for your kids or let them do it themselves.

Then get several shades of green crayons or you can do fall colors if you want, and trace around their hands.

Have them move their hand and do it again and again until the tree has enough leaves.

  • Talk about the colors you are using.
  • Talk about where you see trees. Can you see some outside?
  • If your are using fall colors you can talk about how the leaves change colors and fall off.
  • Talk about what kind of animals you might see in a tree.
  • For preschool bible classes you can use this craft for the story about Zacchaeus in the tree.

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