Make an Easy Car Tunnel!


Toddler Activities Games ( : Easy Milk Carton Tunnels

Cars, trucks, and buses! Kids love to drive their little cars all over the floor so why not let your toddlers / preschoolers drive those cars under some easy home made tunnels.

All you’ll need is a half gallon milk carton, emptied and washed out.

Toddlers Activities Games ( : Milk Carton Tunnels Step 1

Cut the carton in half, and then cut out some door ways on each side of each half, like in the photo below.

Toddlers Activities Games ( : Milk Carton Tunnels Step 2

Put them around the room to have your children drive the cars around the floor and under the tunnel. You can even make these a car wash, outside, by opening the cap and letting your toddler pour some water down the opening while the cars is under that half!

Tips/ Ideas:

  • You can put a couple next to each other to make a long tunnel.
  • You can paint the cartons different colors and ask your child to drive the car under the blue tunnel, or red tunnel to help learn colors.
  • You can put a letter or number on the top of a tunnel and ask your toddler to drive the car under the number one tunnel first then the number two tunnel and so forth.


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