Stuffed Animal Chats

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Stuffed Animal Chats!

Take out all of your child’s stuffed animals and put them in a big circle around your toddler. Then have him/her go over and pick one up. When she picks up the stuffed animal say what it is and make the sound that it makes! Then have it say “Hi, Maiya! How are you today?” in a funny voice. Or have it ask some other questions like what is your name, or how old are you. Or have the teddy bear ask your child what color her shirt is. Or ask it to give the bear a hug or kiss on the cheek. Let her put it down and then go over to see what the little stuffed monkey is going to ask her. You can try out all of your funny voices and animal noises with your toddler and have fun moving around too!

– stuffed animals
– desire to be as silly as you can!

– Depending on the stage of your toddler, you can focus on certain questions. Colors, counting, or just remembering her name, age, and where she lives.
– This activity will be more fun for you both if you just let loose and get crazy!

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