Group / Party Activities: Toddler “Tea”-ball

Time for Tea-ball!
That’s right… time to get those toddlers together for a game of ball while the moms have some tea!! Tell your toddler friends to wear their favorite team apparel and baseball cap. Then when the kids arrive let them have some fun with some empty 12 oz water bottles and ping pong balls. ( You can draw some fake stitching on the balls to make them seem like baseballs by using a permanent marker.) Let them try to hit the balls on the floor, or off the chair, and then run from couch to couch or chair to chair. Meanwhile have some nice tea brewing for the parents to enjoy. You can also practice playing catch with each parent and tot, or between two kids. This is a great way to allow the kids to play together, while getting some exercise and the moms can take a sip of tea.  

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