Toddler Games: Make your own T-ball stand


Toddler Games Activities Make a T-Ball stand

 Makeshift T-ball!
Time to use up those paper towel tubes! Take a couple of tubes and insert one into the other as far as it will go. Then at one end cut four slits up from the end about 2 inches long. Then fold the flaps out so that you can tape them down onto a crate or box that will put the top of the tube at the right height for your toddler to swing at. Use some duct tape and tape it down good. Then put a tennis ball on top  and let your toddler swing with a plastic kiddie bat!

Supplies Needed-
– papertowel tubes
– duct tape
– scissors
– box, crate

– Use a whiffle ball and let your toddler use a wooden spoon. 

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