Play a Toddler Game of Flag Sock Football

 Flag (sock) Football!

Toddler Toddler Games & Activities: Flag Sock Football

A great activity for dad and the whole family! Find some funny colored socks, or use all those socks that don’t match. Stick them in your belt so that your toddler can see them and pull them off. Stick a few in your shoes, or sleeves or neckline. Then have your toddler try to tackle you and grab all the socks off of you! Then put some socks on him and go after him to pull them off! Have fun with this game activity and play with the whole family. Whoever ends up with the most socks gets to pick the next book to read!

Supplies Needed-
– socks

– If you have different colored socks, say “Hey Toby, you got my red sock from my belt!” Identify the color and where your toddler got the sock!
– Use the Bandana Ball to toss around like a football!

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