Decorate your own gift bags!

Gift Bag Makeover!
Stock up before you start going to all those birthday parties! If you need a simple colorful non-holiday gift bag then let your toddler help out. Recycle one of those gift bags you received that’s out of season and let your toddler decorate it with paper pieces to make a fun gift bag for any occasion. All you’ll need is some colored construction paper, some crafty scissors and glue. Then cut up the paper in to small pieces using the crafty scissors. Or if you have kid scissors, let your toddler help to cut the paper. Then let your toddler put some glue on the the pieces and stick them to the gift bag to cover up any pictures on front or back. Let it dry and now you’ll have a cool gift bag to take to that next special occasion.


Supplies Needed-
– out of season gift bag
– colored construction paper
– scissors
– glue

– Talk about the colors your toddler is using.
– While your toddler is putting the pieces over the picture say things like, “Hey Judy, can you put that orange piece of paper over the Flower?”

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