Toddler Clothes Puzzles: Activities

Clothes Puzzles!

You don’t need to buy puzzles, just use your clothes. Here’s a fun way to get your toddler acquainted with clothing and what goes where. Take out a shirt, pants/skirt, and pair of socks. Then lay out the shirt and talk about the sleeves and where the neck goes. Then put the pair of pants on the floor and ask your toddler where it goes next to the shirt. Above the neck? Next to a sleeve? Or under the waist/bottom. Then get two socks and ask your toddler where they go. At the end of the sleeves? On top, or at the bottom of the pants. When she is done, celebrate and do it again with a different set of clothes that she picks out!


Supplies Needed-
– Clothes

– Talk about the colors on the clothes, and the different textures of each article.
– You can do this activity right before you put the clothes on your toddler for the day! Then let her see it on in the mirror!

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