Toddlers Games: Play Cereal Dominoes

Toddlers Activities & Games: Cereal Box Dominoes 

 Toddlers Dominoes

It seems like all toddlers like to knock things down! This activity will let them do just that with some cereal box dominoes. Take a few of your empty cereal boxes and line them up on the floor. Push one at the end to show your toddler how they all fall down. You’re toddler will enjoy looking at the boxes and knocking them down. You can even put a rattle inside each box so that they make some noise when they fall over.

Supplies Needed-
– Empty cereal boxes
– rattles

– Your toddler might just want to step on the boxes, stack them or move them around the room. Go with it!
– You can point out some of the pictures and colors on the boxes while you are playing with them.


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