Have fun with shapes in the mirror!

Mirror, Mirror, Shape, Shape
Here’s a fun shapes activity to do with your toddler and work on hand eye coordination also.  Take either some foam cutout of shapes or cut out your own shapes from construction paper. Then tape them to your shirt. Tape a few to your toddler’s shirt too. Now go stand in front of a mirror with your toddler and ask her to point to a yellow circle. It can be on you or on her. Then see if she can grab it off her shirt! It will be funny to watch as she tries to find it while looking in the mirror!

– foam cutouts of shapes (precut) or cut out your own shapes from construction paper
– tape
– mirror

– Put some on your nose and forehead to get some giggles from your child.
– This is a simple activity that you can also do at the airport while waiting during a layover. The airport bathrooms are usually down to the floor so you can stand in front of it with your toddler and find the shapes!

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  1. Dear Mrs. W. and class,I really enoeyjd your slideshow about symmetry! Not only did you have shapes, but some of you even added letters to your shape. That’s hard to do! My third grade class here in California, did a post about symmetry. I thought you might like it because we made a poster with the letters that are symmetrical and ones that are not.You might also like to see that a piece of your Australian flag is featured and another Australian blogging group, The Smarties, is mentioned! One shape that is interesting to me is the equilateral triangle. It looks like it only has one line of symmetry but it has more! Do you know how many?Your friend,Mrs. Y llisCalifornia

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