Toddler rain stick craft activity

Have some fun with your toddlers and make a nice sounding rain stick!

Toddler Rain Stick Craft Activity

What you’ll need:

  • an empty Pringles can
  • tin foil
  • egg crate
  • rice, and or beans
  • tape

How to make it:

  • Clean out the empty can with a damp paper towel. Slightly wet the paper towel and let your toddler help you clean it out.
  • Take the egg crate and let your toddler break it apart to pieces that would fit in the can
  • Then take a piece of tinfoil that is about 1.5 times the height of the can. Twist it up into a corkscrew that is stretched out and wrap it around the egg crate piece. You’ll want to make it so that the corkscrew just fits inside the can, touching the walls, and is about as tall as the can. This way it shouldn’t slide up and down. This is the part that will catch the rice as you turn it upside down and keep it all from falling at once.

Toddler Rain Stick Craft Activity 4

This is how it looks before I stretched it up to the top.

 Toddler Rain Stick Craft Activity 3

Now let your toddler help to pour in maybe about a 1/4 cup of rice, and put on the cap and test it out! You might find you need to add more rice or even add some beans, or you might need to add more egg crate inside.  As you turn the can over, you should hear the rice fall slowly with little pieces falling here and there.

If it sounds good, then tape the cap on and start decorating it! Take some construction paper and cut strips long enough to go around using some decorative scissors. Let your toddler help to select the colors and tape them on, deciding what color to put next. Be sure to talk about the colors and have some relaxing time with your rain stick! :) 

Toddler Rain Stick Craft Activity 2


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