Holiday toddler craft activity: make a colorful tree

 You can have some fun with making colorful holiday trees, over and over and over again!

Make a colorful tree craft with your toddlers

Make a colorful tree craft with your toddlers


What you need:

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • fuzzy craft balls
  • Tape

How make this with your toddlers, or big kids:

  1. Cut the rolls into rings of the same width, about a half inch or so thick.
  2. Lay them out with your kids, making a triangle.
  3. When you have them the way you want them tape them together where they touch. You’ll need to tape in the front and the back, so that it will stand up.
  4. Now the fun part! Take those little fingers and stuff the craft balls into the circles so that they stay. (please supervise your little ones so that they don’t try to eat the balls. )
  5. When you are done, you can stand up the tree. :)
  6. If you want to change the colors another day, just push the balls out and stuff them back in a different way. Make a game of it!



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