Zippy Painting Happy Birthday Sign


This is similar to our popular Zippy Sponge Painting, with a little twist to make a beautiful sign for a birthday party!

Toddlers, Activities, Games: Zippy Sponge Painting Happy Birthday Sign

You’ll need some of the small paper plates that will fit inside a 1 quart resealable plastic bag. Take one paper plate and put a couple drops of different colors on the plate. Then place the plate carefully inside a the plastic bag and push down a little so that you get most of the air out.

Then let your toddler have some fun using her fingers to press and move the paint around the plate, without getting any paint on her! Woo hoo!

When she is done, take the plate out and let it dry, while you do the next plate! Look at and talk about the colors and if you made a new color by mixing two.

After it has dried, you can take a permanent marker and write each letter on each plate to spell out Happy Birthday! Or you can just do your toddler’s name, or anything else you want to spell out!Toddler Preschool easy painting birthday sign H-A

Then punch holes on the sides and tie some ribbon to tie them to gether and make a beautiful banner for the party!

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  1. That’s cute and love the idea that we can make something together! Thanks!

  2. OH MY GOSH this is the most amazing idea i have ever seen it is fun exciting hands on!!! i have never seen anything like this before i cant wait to try this with my niece!!! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much :)