Color Counting Wheel

Make a fun wheel to learn colors and counting!

I used two small paper plates and then punched holes in from the side. ( I only had a square hole puncher.  lol.)  Go around one plate and punch in as many holes as you think your toddler is ready for. (If he is just learning to count, just go with a few to keep reviewing those. )

Then take another paper plate and color in some colors blocks in the same area that you had punched holes in the other paper plate. You are going to layer these so you just want to be sure that the colors show through the holes when stacked.


After you are done punching and coloring, stack the plates and put a hole  in the middle to secure with a piece of yarn or fastener. You want to be able to rotate the top plate so that you can move the holes over the different colors.


Now for the fun part. Let your toddler run his finger from one hole to the next (Left to right) counting as he moves along. Or you can just count the holes of one color. For older kids, ask them to count the red ones, or let him move the plate until he sees three red holes.

Bonus: you can take this with you to the grocery store and let your child have fun while in the cart ( or so you can sneak in that box of ice cream sandwiches without him watching… I might have done that once. ! lol. )

Have fun!

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