Make your own Toddler Photo Puzzle

Toddler Puzzle!

Take a photo of your toddler and cut it up so that you have 5 pieces (head, 2 arms and 2 legs). (You can use just a regular photo, or print out a full page digital photo to make a bigger puzzle.) Then sit with your toddler and start with the head. The ask your toddler to find a piece with an arm and try to figure out where it goes. Then work on the other arm and legs. This way you are teaching your toddler about his body while teaching him how to do a puzzle. If your toddler is more advanced, you can use a picture with several people in it and cut it into more pieces.

Supplies Needed-
– photo of your toddler
– scissors

– If you have some magnet sheets, you can also stick the photo to a sheet of thin magnet and then cut it up. This way your toddler can play with it on the refrigerator while you cook!

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