Easter games: Colors and Eggs

Colorful Eggs Games-

You’ll be able to find these colorful plastic eggs at any general store for some good prices right now! Holiday or not, they are a great buy for lots of fun with your toddler. The colors, the size and all the fun things you can do with them make them a good addition to that toy box. (Note: try to get the eggs that have the top and bottom hinged to keep the activities easy to pick up and safe so that that your little one doesn’t try to put half in his/her mouth.) Here are some great games you can play with your toddler the next few days:

  Blue Egg, Red Egg
– This is a matching game that will use your real egg container with the plastic eggs. Put in a row of colorful eggs then have your toddler put in the matching color in the cup next to it. Of course you can help, and when you do, keep saying the name of the color egg that you are looking for. When you find it, say that you found the “blue egg” and let your toddler place it in the cup next to the blue egg. Then move on to the next color.

Egg Memory Game:
Take 5 or 6 color eggs and line them up on the floor. Open one of the eggs, saying the color, (Ex. Yellow egg), and put in a piece of black construction paper. Then close up the yellow egg and mix the eggs up. Ask your toddler if he knows which one has the black paper in it. Then go through the colors and open up each one to see if it is in that egg. When you find the paper, celebrate with a high-five and do it again!

Egg crawl:
Find a box big enough for your toddler to stand in and sit down. Then pour a bag of the plastic eggs in the box and let your toddler get in with them. She is sure to have some fun tossing them around. As she tosses them out of the box, you can toss them back in and mention the name of the color of the egg that you are tossing back in.  

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