Little Ones Cooking Eggs

Cookin’ Eggs! –

Kids love to play with pots and wooden spoons and water! Here’s a chance for them to explore all three at the same time. Find a cooking pot that you don’t mind your toddler banging on, and put some water in it. Find a place on the floor (preferably the kitchen floor) that’s easy to wipe up. Place a towel on the floor if you like and let your toddler play with the pot of water. Put in some of your leftover plastic eggs and let her stir with a wooden spoon. If you don’t have any plastic eggs you can use something else like empty raisin boxes, or small plastic spoons, or some legos/megablocks. She’ll get all wet! But she’ll have some fun exploring with water.


Supplies Needed:
– Pot
– Water
– Wooden Spoon
– Plastic Eggs or something else to stir
– towel


– Do not put hot water in the pot.
– Fill a couple of the plastic eggs with water so that they sink.
– Let your toddler wear your apron to pretend that he/she is really cooking!
– You might want to take off some of his clothes, since they will probably get all wet
– Keep an eye on your tot, some curious ones will surely try to tip the whole thing over and spill all the water out. If you sense that your child might be one of those curious ones, then just put a little water in the pot.

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