Easter game: Whac-an-egg Fun


This is a fun activity similar to the game Whac-a-mole (see below)! Find a box or shoebox and some plastic eggs. Open up one of the eggs to draw the circle outline on the top of the box. You can make as many holes that will fit. Then use a utility knife to cut inside the circle marking. This way, when the egg is shut, you can place it in the hole and will need to push the egg through the hole, or use a hammer to whack it! The eggs will fall into the box and then your toddler can do it again and again!

Supplies Needed-
– a box or shoe box
– plastic eggs
– utility knife
– toy plastic hammer

– Talk about the color of the eggs with your child.
– Let your toddler put the eggs in the holes and have you push them through.

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