Toddler Socks Keepsakes

Decorative Socks

Toddler socks are so small and so cute. Preserve their cuteness and save one for your toddler to have when he/she is an adult. Decorate a new sock and put it in a frame. It is art and a keepsake! Glue glitter, sequins, or buttons to the sock. Then when it is all dry let it hang inside a frame to put up on the wall. These can even be great gifts for grandparents or you can turn them in to tree ornaments with a small paperclip! Maybe even a stocking for your toddler’s favorite stuffed animal!


Supplies Needed-
– toddler sock
– glue
– glitter, sequins, buttons
– frame

– You can put the sock on your toddler’s hand and then put glue all over it and let your toddler put the sock in a small container of glitter, sequins to get them to stick to the sock.

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  1. I will definitely be trying this, because the socks are so small, it is ideal to use a small frame as it wont take up too much space, and it’s an easy keepsake. Im excited to do this with my son, I know he’ll appreciate it when he’s older. sooo cute!