Easter activity: Toddler Egg Hunt Surprise

 Egg “Surprise” Hunt!
You don’t have to wait for Easter to have some fun hunting for eggs! Get those plastic eggs out of storage and put the all around the room. Then let your toddler take a small bag or basket find them all around the room! After she found them open them all to see if anything is inside. (Before putting them out put a small item (cheerio, cracker) in each yellow egg. (or any other one color)). While you are opening each one, say “Let’s see if there is anything inside this blue egg…” When you find something inside a yellow egg, celebrate!

Supplies Needed-
– Color Plastic Eggs
– small items or snacks to put inside the eggs
– small basket, box, or bag for your toddler to carry around and put the eggs in

– You can count the number of eggs your toddler finds
– Let her hide the eggs and let you find them!  

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