Toddler games: Finger Touch Tracing

Finger tracing!
Let your child learn by touching. Take a piece of paper and using a pen punch little hole all over the paper. You can make shapes, numbers, lines, circles, or whatever your child might be learning at the time. Then turn the paper over and let your child feel the bumps that were created from the poked holes. Have your toddler trace over the bumps with her finger and talk about the shape, or letter. Then you can let her take a crayon and draw from eat “dot” to the next one. This is a great activity for when you are traveling and don’t want to bring a lot of toys!

Toddler Games Finger tracing letters 

Supplies Needed-
– paper
– pen or some other sharp point to poke small holes

– You can even make one long line for your toddler to trace
– Let your toddler explore the feeling of the paper, and the pokes holes in it.

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  1. Jennifer BR says:

    This is a great idea. I see it as two activities in one. Helping him learn to write and teaching him about the blind community eventhough its not brail brail.