Create a Toddler City on the floor: …

 Toddler City!

Make your own city on the rug with some tape and blocks. Take some tape and put it on the floor or rug in a sort of grid pattern. (Like some city streets.) Then find some blocks or mega blocks and put them along the streets for the buildings. Then take some little people or small cars and have them walk or drive on the streets. Be sure to have a library to go to, a grocery store, and some office buildings. Then you can have fun with your child and pretend to go on lots of field trips. Talk about the color of the buildings, or the cars, or if the buildings are big, tall or small, or short. It’s YOUR city!


Supplies Needed-
– masking tape
– blocks
– cars
– imagination!

– You can let your toddler help to build the city and decide where to put the “library” building, and what color it should be.

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